Our References

Finnair aimed at better understanding of the potential and utilization model of the social media services development in China. How is customer behavior changing, and what strategic choices does the company have to be part of in this change? Which capabilities and content are needed? Devlog staffed the project with digital and cultural expertise, and was able to present practical insights on market trends, competitive environment and customer behavior. Project made a positive impact to company culture and service development.

Containerships wished to improve performance of its Mediterranean operations using Risk Management Analysis. How two different business cultures from North and South could be seamlessly united in order to produce greater synergies and value? Which risks are there and how should they be managed? Devlog appointed a highly skilled project manager familiar with both Finnish and Mediterranean business cultures. Over 30 risks were identified along with Risk Mitigation Strategies. This highly successful case received also positive attention in several journals of the scientific world and industry.

Vaasa Region was developing its international capabilities and seeking for new business opportunities especially in Russian markets. Which are the growing sectors of 140+ Million consumers market? Which growth companies are the most international and interested in cooperation with Scandinavia? How to connect with their decision-makers? Devlog made an extensive market analysis and performed a series of in-depth interviews in Russian with top executives or country’s companies, making also Vaasa Region familiar to them. The results are still being used, for example, by the Port of Vaasa.